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Black Balled

Two dominant males, two worthy adversaries, in a business that takes no prisoners, will soon learn that fate refuses to be ignored . . .

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Cover Reveal! Disheveled

What do a high end brothel, a sexy womanizing lawyer and demanding stranger have in common? Delilah Jameson. It’s time for this art gallery owner to put on her big girl panties and choose wisely.

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2015 Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia

Good Day to all you LGBT supporters! WELCOME to the 2015 Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia or #HAHABT.  This is my first participation and I am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing initiative. Up for grabs here today and open until May 24th is a Signed Paperback copy of BLACK BALLED […]

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Interview with author CD Reiss

Here is another interview from 2013.  Enjoy!! Welcome CD REISS to Wednesday’s Writer Interview! Please forgive me and my giddiness at having you here with us this week! I’m very excited to be featuring the Songs of Submission series so I have to warn you, this interview may be long and detailed. Fortunately, I have […]

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About the Author

Eva LeNoir grew up travelling with her parents to various countries in the world. Reading was her constant companion during her travels and her ability to adapt to different cultures fed her mind with endless possibilities. The characters swimming in her head are always from various horizons with a multitude of dreams and aspirations however they always have one thing in common: The women are strong and independent. A true believer in the female cause, Eva's wish is to portray the women in her books as the leaders. She sees them walking hand in hand with their partners and not be the sheepish followers of the male gender. But most of all, Eva LeNoir wants to offer her readers a moment of pleasure as they dive into the world of her mind's creation.