Initially, the technique for washing homes and various surfaces that was used as the pressure washing technique. In this technique all the surfaces were cleaned by a pressurized stream of water without the use of any chemicals, however, this method proved to be lacking as it could not fully remove the stains and debris on surfaces, also this method is quite a labor intensive as it requires the operator to be close to the surface that is being cleaned. And lastly, the main drawback of the pressure washing method is that is can even damage the surface with the high-pressure stream.

Now let’s talk about the soft washing technique and its benefits. The soft washing technique uses detergents or chemicals at low pressure which after application on the surfaces that need to be cleaned are washed off by a low-pressure stream of water. At you can get a soft wash done for your home.

The biggest benefit of soft washing is that it efficiently provides cleaning without causing damage since the pressure is low. Since this technique does not use a high pressure it is significantly cheap as the labor cost is reduced automatically.

Also, this technique requires less water than high-pressure washing and gives a higher level of cleaning due to the use of detergents and other chemicals. Since hypochlorite (which is also used in swimming pools) is used as well the material that is cleaned is also disinfected and your home can stay clean for a longer period of time as any microbes, pests, and insects are also killed in the process.

While the pressure washing requires the use of ladders and the cleaner to be close to the surface that is being cleaned, the wash allows the worker to clean from a ground level.