Cover Reveal – Guns Blazing

I have some great news. Andrea Smith and I have teamed up again, bringing a new story to print. GUNS BLAZING is a spin-off from BLACK BALLED, giving you the inside scoop on Lloyd Ledbetter six months after Larson Blackburn found his own happiness.

How about that cover, eh? A big special thanks to my brother Damion Damiani for an amazing job, once more!

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In other news, Andrea and I decided that Larson and Troy had some shenanigans in store for you. This is why we have also started writing a follow-up novel to BLACK BALLED called HARD EDIT. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking…why or why would we submit ourselves to the potential onslaught of attacks on Goodreads from those who descended upon us before BLACK BALLED was even published?

Well, it’s simple really.

The events that took place back in May cost us author friends, some readers probably, too, but we refuse to ignore the call to write. Honestly, those who shunned us have done so for the long-term so it’s not like we can lose them again, right? And although I was pained by some of those losses, it cannot be the focus of my life or career. That being said, BLACK BALLED also attracted readers who may not have normally read our work. Some didn’t like Larson and Troy and that’s okay…they at least gave us the benefit of the doubt and tried. Those who accused and judged us without reading a single word, well…I think it says more about them than it does about us. So, yes. We are taking the chance of publishing Larson and Troy’s continued adventures and so far, I’m loving every quirky, arrogant, funny second of it.

So, come join us on March 25th as we celebrate the rerelease of GUNS BLAZING (previously featured in the RECKLESS ANTHOLOGY and HEARTS AFIRE ANTHOLOGY).

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