A common ailment that your dog will end up suffering from is fleas. Fleas are very common in the world, and they can often infest your dog’s coat pretty much out of nowhere, causing a great deal of damage in the process. A lot of people simply use flea sprays when they are trying to get these fleas out of their dog’s coat, and while this can be effective in the short term, it is not an effective long term solution as the fleas will inevitably return and using too much flea spray can be very harmful for your dog’s coat of fur as well as its skin.

Instead of using flea spray, what you should do is opt for shampoos that are designed to flush fleas out. One of the reasons that flea sprays are not effective long term solutions has to do with the fact that they only kill fleas, and not the eggs that these fleas might lay in your dog’s coat. Hence, even if all of the fleas die, their eggs would eventually hatch and the infestation would end up starting over again.

The reason that using an anti flea shampoo is without a doubt the best way to treat dogs for fleas is because of the fact that they kill flea eggs in large numbers as well. Don’t think that a single wash with a shampoo would be enough, though. You need to keep using the flea resistant shampoo for long periods of time so that you can be sure that all of the pests have been flushed out. These shampoos will leave your dog’s coat looking very healthy and sleek as well, which is a definite advantage that you simply cannot ignore if you care about appearance.